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The Purge

One year ago, when my husband and I became official empty nesters, we began emptying our nest. On a hot August Sunday we took our youngest daughter to college, then drove home to finish packing up our house, in preparation for our move to a condo later that week. Because we’re over-achievers/naïve/stupid (choose the adjective),… Continue reading The Purge

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Lost in the Woods

My hometown of Nashville is blessed with the Warner Parks, over 3,000 lush acres of forest and field. Recently my old college friend and I took our dogs on a hike there. She wanted to walk a trail unknown to me. We decided to go three miles: I had dinner guests coming over and we… Continue reading Lost in the Woods

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Celebrating Taylor K

There is nothing harder for me than change. Tolstoy said that, “True life is lived when tiny changes occur.” In that case, I have certainly lived a full life in the last year. In the past 13 months, I lost my last surviving parent, became an empty nester and downsized to a condo. In fact,… Continue reading Celebrating Taylor K

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Overpriced Sushi

In December, my college freshman was home for the holidays, and one Tuesday night she and my daughter who lives in town were going out for sushi. They invited me along, but I hesitated. There were a million reasons I should not go—most falling under the categories of financial or time constraints. There were leftovers… Continue reading Overpriced Sushi

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Paw Prints and Clean Slates

Nothing is quite as peaceful as an empty nest. And nothing as magical as when it is not. My daughter, son-in-law and their border collie just pulled out of the driveway—away from the Christmas festivities and extended family time. Our holiday house was chaotic and loud and messy, especially with the two “cousin” dogs that… Continue reading Paw Prints and Clean Slates