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In a Patch of Sunlight

The gorgeous Green Hills library, rebuilt in 2000, was a weekly destination for Mom and me. During this period of home isolation, I have had a lot (too much?) of time to ponder, and I’ve been thinking about my mom a great deal—on two fronts. First of all, my mother, a self-acclaimed germ-a-phobe, would be… Continue reading In a Patch of Sunlight


Road Trip

Last week my husband Gabe and I set out on a road trip—a long one. Over 13 hours—not for the faint of heart, but as he reminded me, we are young at heart. I was dubious about that many hours in the car, but Gabe reminded me of romantic road trips in our youth. Yes,… Continue reading Road Trip


“Who is Joni Mitchell?”

One of the things that COVID-19 has done to us is redefine “old” and "at risk." One daughter was recently lamenting the fact that my and my husband’s immune systems are frail. Another daughter suggested we invest in compression socks for our upcoming travels. Although appreciating the concern, I reminded them that we are not… Continue reading “Who is Joni Mitchell?”


Twelve Days

Our extended family has just completed “birthday season.” During 12 days that bridge February and March, we have six family birthdays. During a three day span, in fact, we have four! In any family, that might be noteworthy, but birthdays in our extended family are a big deal. Truthfully, everything in our extended family is… Continue reading Twelve Days