Becoming a Foster

It was one of those weeks. I feel like my most significant accomplishment was reminding myself of the difference in accent aigu and accent grave. My high school French teacher would be proud. Guess I’m ready to head to Paris—oh, wait, I can’t go anywhere. I’ve been trying to find little projects to break the… Continue reading Becoming a Foster


Sweet Spots

All week long, I looked forward to Friday—not only because working at home is frustrating and isolating, but because I had earmarked that day for my annual voyage to buy plants. Shopping for annuals was a yearly rite of passage for Mom and me. Each year, she was steadfastly predictable in her purchases. She had… Continue reading Sweet Spots

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Dollar Tree Resurrection

Each year during Holy Week, I think of a woman named Pam. Yes, I also think of crosses, deviled eggs, peace lilies, and chocolate bunnies. I look forward to magnificent sanctuary services and family dinners. But mostly, since 2004, I think of Pam. It was that year that she redefined Easter for me. Our daughters… Continue reading Dollar Tree Resurrection


The Elusive Forsythia

We are about to start our fourth week of staying home. I feel as if the first two weeks of this whole mess were spent in self-denial and then scurrying around looking for toilet paper and essentials. This past week, I settled in for the long haul and decided I needed a project, and that… Continue reading The Elusive Forsythia