Because We Can

Election season always reminds me of my dad… not because he was a political person (he wasn’t) but because of my memories of the election of 2012. My story starts a couple of weeks before the November 2012 election. At that point, Dad was in the early stages, and still undiagnosed with, Lewy Body Dementia.… Continue reading Because We Can



As much as I love my summer garden, I abhor how straggly and unkempt certain flowers can become – ahem, petunias, I’m talking to you. I also detest the very act that prevents them from becoming leggy: the process of deadheading. My mom and I always lamented the weariness of summer flowers when autumn hits.… Continue reading Deadheading


The Bully Within

In elementary school I was bullied. Teased, the wind knocked out of me, caterpillars placed in my lunchbox. I was mocked because I was the deadly trifecta: plump, shy, and smart. My parents called the teachers, who said they could do nothing. (Obviously they, too, were scared of this bully). To this day, driving by… Continue reading The Bully Within