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Overpriced Sushi

In December, my college freshman was home for the holidays, and one Tuesday night she and my daughter who lives in town were going out for sushi. They invited me along, but I hesitated. There were a million reasons I should not go—most falling under the categories of financial or time constraints. There were leftovers… Continue reading Overpriced Sushi


Deliberate Acts of Kindness

As a child, I was the consummate worrier, and nothing disturbed me more than the thought that once Fred Rogers hung up his cardigan, he was homeless. I asked my dad if, when Mr. Rogers walked out the front door, he was on the street, and Dad explained there was actually no street and no… Continue reading Deliberate Acts of Kindness


Crazy Clocks and Long Goodbyes

The Pearsons punch me in the gut like few other television families ever have. Like so many Americans, I am captivated by the show “This is Us,” and it seems that each Tuesday I surrender a little bit more of my emotional health to it. This week the matriarch of the Pearson family, Rebecca, met… Continue reading Crazy Clocks and Long Goodbyes


Tending the Garden

For 30 years I have served on the Altar Guild at my church. Tuesday night I went to an Altar Guild meeting at a local restaurant. Dreading going out into the cold and knowing that my spirited dog Reese was waiting for me to talk a long walk in the dark, frigid night, I lingered… Continue reading Tending the Garden

Empty Nests

Paw Prints and Clean Slates

Nothing is quite as peaceful as an empty nest. And nothing as magical as when it is not. My daughter, son-in-law and their border collie just pulled out of the driveway—away from the Christmas festivities and extended family time. Our holiday house was chaotic and loud and messy, especially with the two “cousin” dogs that… Continue reading Paw Prints and Clean Slates