Lessons from Gregory

I miss movies. I long for the day when I can be back in a theater, the real world eclipsed for 120 minutes. I’ll be so excited I’ll even buy the greasy, over-priced popcorn. For as long as we’ve been together, “date night” for my husband and me has consisted of dinner and a movie.… Continue reading Lessons from Gregory



I’ve always loved sunsets—the myriad fuchsias and violets ebbing up the horizon, the twilight slicing through the harsh sun—but I have to admit I take sunrises for granted. It seems a time of day that most of us sleep or rush through, focused more on our caffeine intake than the start of another 24 hour… Continue reading Fragility

Empty Nests · Generations

The Purge

One year ago, when my husband and I became official empty nesters, we began emptying our nest. On a hot August Sunday we took our youngest daughter to college, then drove home to finish packing up our house, in preparation for our move to a condo later that week. Because we’re over-achievers/naïve/stupid (choose the adjective),… Continue reading The Purge


The Other Baby

Twenty seven years ago, my husband and I checked into Vanderbilt University Hospital to have our first baby. I was two weeks overdue and so my obstetrician finally, thankfully, offered to induce. I guess Anna was just too comfortable to emerge into the dark, loud, scary world. At that point, in the early 90s, hospitals… Continue reading The Other Baby