Double Rainbows

I’ve never thought myself particularly superstitious, although surely some myths portending bad luck have passed down from my grandmothers to me. I’m always quick to move a hat I see lying on the bed, pick up only pennies that are heads up, and never walk under ladders. I’m covering my bases, just in case. On… Continue reading Double Rainbows


The Drawing Board

For as long as I can remember, in the rec room of my parents’ house stood a drawing board. My father, an architectural draftsman, was one of the last members of a trade which has segued to CAD and computers. My dad still did meticulous plans by hand and was sought after for his precision… Continue reading The Drawing Board

Empty Nests · Life

Lost in the Woods

My hometown of Nashville is blessed with the Warner Parks, over 3,000 lush acres of forest and field. Recently my old college friend and I took our dogs on a hike there. She wanted to walk a trail unknown to me. We decided to go three miles: I had dinner guests coming over and we… Continue reading Lost in the Woods


Love, Joe

Every now and then something exciting happens to break the monotony. Tomorrow starts my 13th week of working from home. Often it seems that one day and week meld into the next. My daughter, a summer nanny, undoubtedly feels the same way. New day, new quarrels. Same kids. Many days when I greet her in… Continue reading Love, Joe


Nowhere, Indiana

Sometimes you just have to get the hell out of Dodge. It had been quite a week. I alternated between being horrified by the George Floyd killing, appalled at the riots, and concerned over friends’ experiences with COVID. More inconsequentially, my little laptop consistently freaked out over the number of spreadsheets I needed open at… Continue reading Nowhere, Indiana